Looking to give back to the New Orleans community? Become a virtual tutor for Remote Learning Buddies! If you have free time to tutor a few hours a week, your commitment will have a real impact on the student's life and take the pressure off of the student's caretaker.

Listed below are the steps required to become a virtual volunteer with Remote Learning Buddies and we'll be in contact with you shortly. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at remotelearningbuddies@gmail.com if you have additional questions!

...and above all, flexibility is key!

In need of tips and

tricks to get started tutoring?

Click here for our RLB Tutor Guide!


Please fill out this google form to be added to our list of available tutors!


Check your email immediately! 

You will automatically receive a welcome email with a short orientation video and a corresponding Google Form. Please watch the video and fill out the Google Form to indicate that you are ready to be matched with a student. Watching this video is required before being matched and will explain your expectations as a tutor. It is essential for success in the program.


Confirm you have received your learning buddy pairing + read our RLB Tutor Guide attached to the matching email.

You will receive an email assigning you a learning buddy and our tutor guide with our tips and tricks to being the most impactful tutor. Please email us back as soon as you receive your match so we are aware that you have received your match. We recommend that you save your email so you will always have access to our Tutor Guide.


Email your learning buddy as soon as possible and begin tutoring!


Note: It may take a few weeks to match you as we match buddies according to the demand. Thank you for your patience and flexibility!